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Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) / Transportation Litigation

Tort Reform
Tractor Trailer

Like most of Texas, defending commercial transportation cases in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas can be challenging. Our close proximity to the border brings a major influx of international tractor trailers (aka semi-trucks) through our border crossings. Truck companies act as moving money targets for Plaintiff's lawyers. Even the most minor of cases is handled the same way as major accidents. Why? Money of course.


Our attorneys, however, have experience both inside and outside the courtroom defending these cases (including no-negligence verdicts). Even though the Texas Legislature brought much-needed protections to our local transportation industry (effective in cases filed after September 1, 2021), you still need lawyers prepared to defend these suits in the courtroom.


TD Law can help your company defend those cases. They can explain how Plaintiff's attorneys use the same medical providers in all their cases--not trusted family doctors--to generate artificially inflated medical bills. These bills scare jurors into thinking that they are legitimate charges that are owed by individuals when they are not.

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