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Personal Injury & Car Accident Defense

Rear end accident
Minor Car accident

In the Rio Grande Valley car accident cases have become BIG BUSINESS in South Texas and around the country. These cases are no longer about reasonably compensating individuals for minor injuries sustained in car accidents. Instead, plaintiffs involved in fender-bender accidents now go to doctors that specialize in working with plaintiff’s attorneys in these types of cases. These Rio Grande Valley and South Texas doctors own multiple (but differently named) clinics, which include MRI facilities and outpatient ER centers. These facilities charge outrageous, inflated amounts that no ordinary person would ever have to pay in medical expenses—even in cases involving paint transfer or mere scratches. These lawsuit doctors do so in a desperate bid to help plaintiff's lawyers to secure HUGE verdicts for itty bitty accidents. After tricking juries into believing outrageous, sham bills are “reasonable,” and after helping plaintiff's lawyers secure HUGE verdicts, these doctors then write-down their bill and accept a small fraction of what they charged. The crazy part? This deception is completely legal in Texas. This scheme is such BIG BUSINESS in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas that personal injury doctors are aggressive in advertising and making deals with plaintiff's lawyers.


​Board Certified in Personal Injury Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and a member of American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), Memo has achieved remarkable success trying cases in Cameron, Hidalgo, Nueces, Starr, Webb and Willacy Counties. Our Rio Grande Valley team of South Texas insurance defense lawyers have done the same. In fact, Justin Davis has years of experience working with large, in-house defense firms that specialize in defending these types of car accident cases. Our Rio Grande Valley team of experienced South Texas trial lawyers helps walk juries through this scheme of inflated medical billing. Our ultimate goal is to help juries logically award what the judge's instructions require: a reasonable amount for necessary medical care. 

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