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Community Involvement

When we started our firm, Memo and I had a lot of ideas on how we could give back to our local community. We not only wanted to make a difference with the services we provide for our clients, but we also wanted to make a bigger, positive change in our community. While we have personally volunteered time and contributed money to our respective churches and local schools, we wanted to expand our giving through our new firm.

One of the first organizations that came to mind was Suzannah Smiles, a small nonprofit founded by Casey and Jackie Swanson here in the Rio Grande Valley. Suzannah Smiles helps individuals and families affected by Spina Bifida in Texas. Tijerina & Denzer is a proud sponsor of the SB 250, a nearly 250-mile bike ride over two days. The proceeds raised all go directly to Spina Bifida Texas. As our firm grows, we are planning other charitable activities and donations that reflect our desire to give back to and help our community. We are attaching a link to their website. Please contribute and help us raise money for this incredible organization.  – Nick Denzer

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