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Appellate Advocacy

Nick and Memo have successfully appealed cases to the 13th Court of Appeals and Texas Supreme Court. The pair have experience with both traditional appeals and mandamus actions. Though their practice focuses primarily on obtaining results at the trial level, Nick and Memo will appeal cases when specifically requested by their clients. 

Insurance Defense

The heart of our practice is insurance defense. This includes anything from slip and falls, car and commercial motor vehicle cases, and of course bad faith claims. Nick and Memo have a long history of defending both insureds and insurance companies from lawsuits. Memo is does not shy away from trying first-party cases against insurance companies in the Rio Grande Valley. TD Law also has experience defending and resolving Declaratory Judgment actions following the Texas Supreme Court's Allstate v. Irwin opinion in 2021.​

Personal Injury Defense

Commercial Litigation

Our lawyers are proud to represent and defend individuals and businesses in their community. The claims range from standard breach of contract actions to employee assault cases. Representative clients include doctors/professionals, engineers, local bike shops, home health providers and "mom-and-pop" businesses.

Board Certified in Personal Injury Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Memo has achieved remarkable success trying cases in Cameron, Hidalgo, Nueces, Starr, Webb and Willacy Counties.

Memo has tried dozens of car accident cases, along with numerous trucking cases.

Premises Liability

Our attorneys have experience defending property owners, grocery stores and business owners from slip-and-fall cases. The results achieved include the successful defense at trial of such cases, but also the ability to resolve most of these cases efficiently and economically. Since the vast majority of these cases are resolved  without trial, our firm tries to avoid costly (and many times needless) motion and discovery practice. Our reasonable approach is designed to pass on significant cost savings to our clients.​ 


Nick received his LLM in taxation from the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. He has experience advising clients on tax issues and representing them in IRS cases. Nick is ready to help ease any tax related issues our clients face. 


Like most of Texas, defending commercial transportation cases in South Texas can be challenging. Our attorneys, however, have experience both inside and outside the courtroom defending these cases (including no-negligence verdicts). Even though the Texas Legislature brought much-needed protections to our local transportation industry (effective in cases filed after September 1, 2021), you still need lawyers prepared to defend these suits in the courtroom. TD Law can help your company defend those suits.

Workers' Compensation

Accidents happen. We get it! Our lawyers have extensive experience defending non-subscriber clients from workers' compensation claims. While unfortunate, an accident at work should not bankrupt a company. We have experience resolving these claims for employers in a way that is cost effective and fair to both parties involved.



National Education is Behind Your

South Texas Representation

First cousins, Nick and Memo come from hardscrabble grandparents with little formal education. Their grandparents, however, had an indomitable work ethic. Not surprisingly, Nick and Memo's families came to value education and hard work. The two men went on to earn their degrees from two of the top universities in the country: Brigham Young University (BYU) and the University of Notre Dame. Memo went on to earn his law degree from the University of Notre Dame's Law School, while Nick earned his law degree from The University of Toledo College of Law. Nick then obtained his Master of Laws (LLM) degree from the University of Denver.  


The importance that family plays in Nick and Memo's lives is reflected in the culture they foster at the firm. This is true not only with how they work with their legal team, but also with the respect and time they give to their individual clients. 

Though our legal team has achieved incredible trial success over the years in both state and federal courthouses, our firm recognizes that it is just as important to achieve success OUTSIDE the courtroom. In that respect, Nick and Memo strive to provide high quality legal representation to (hopefully) resolve cases against our clients without the need for trial. That includes cases where our client is an insured, private individual, business, and doctor/professional. After all, what is gained if you win at trial, but spent a fortune getting there? Legal representation should help you, not break you.


Our firm is committed to trying to amicably and affordably resolve cases before incurring potentially needless attorney's fees. The firm uses specialized software to ensure cases are moving economically and efficiently through litigation. The technology is designed to bring cost savings to our clients. It is only when our team cannot quickly resolve a case outside the courtroom that we roll up our sleeves to obtain results for our clients inside the courtroom. 

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